Top 4000 Vocabulary Test for Thai  (alternative test in pdf format based on the French L2 vocabulary test called “TTV – Test de la taille du vocabulaire”) Top 4000 Vocabulary Test for Thai
Thai Tone Listening Drills (under download section)
Thai Academic Word List (TAWL) (E-book/pdf) THAI ACADEMIC WORD LIST
Thai kinship terms chart (pdf) Thai Kinship Terms
Top 1000 vocabulary test (beginners)
Thai numeral test
Thai consonant class test


  • Searchable and downloadable Thai frequency dictionary with Thai, IPA, English gloss, and example sentences for each of the 4000 entries
  • Downloadable Thai Academic Word List (E-book) with IPA, English gloss, and example sentences
  • ANKI decks based on the frequency list for easier and more effective vocabulary learning
  • A growing list of tests for you to test your level on a range of language skills such as vocabulary size, tone recognition and more

This page is first and foremost set up in order to share the work of the author’s Thai frequency dictionary which is available here in several formats. The dictionary is based on Chulalongkorn University’s top 5000 list which was uploaded a while ago on their page. The author’s list is however very different as it has been cleaned extensively, rebalanced according to principles from linguistics (see background section), supported by IPA for ease of reading, and finally provided with example sentences for all 4000 entries.

In addition, some related or not so related resources are also shared here for students of the Thai language. And best of all, it is free.

Jørgen Nilsen
Contact: admin (at) thaifrequency.com